Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lego Team Part 2

For this weeks Lego project I joined the land transportation group. After much discussion and playing with Legos we decided to split into two teams of three. Our team consisted of Raymond D Halley(aka Doug), Connor, and myself.  We decided on a spider like vehicle that could scale the environments teams gigantic tree. (Perhaps for tree tending) Doug figured out how the legs would work and modeled most of the joints. My shovel piece being used for the claws. Connor modeled the railing structures. The project began with Connor constructing the core body from which I built off of and added materials. Finally Doug rigged the legs so that they could be rotated and revolved. He posed the vehicle and sent it off to the environment team. I put around 10 hours into this project.

1 comment:

  1. Please make your top image conform to the blog size like the rest of your images. I am glad that there was a reference sketch that was made, would be nice to go through and clean this image up for display on the blog. Your models need to have bevels on the transitions of the shapes from the main body to the secondary forms that you modeled. Also spend more time setting up your screen shots in both Maya and in UE4, feels a bit rushed at times.